Day 1 free Agency frenzy is over, let the real offseason games begin

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Take a walk over to cap friendly. https://www. capfriendly. com/Look at the recent insane signings. Take a breath, no we didn't make any stupid mistakes. Check further down the page to see how each individual team is doing towards the cap right now. Look for teams with notable RFA players still unsigned, with high cap hits and a low number of players already signed. Example:Florida Panthers with 17 players signed and $5. 664 cap space (Hoffman RFA next year and doubtful they could afford to resign him) Anton Forsberg Bodysuit. That's a target. Carolina with 17 players signed and $11. 1 cap space. That's a target ( I would target Hamilton). Vegas with 20 players signed, already over the cap and having already been forced to move notable players to free cap space and RFA's still unsigned (Cody Eakin and the rights to Subban would be my target here). That's a target. Obviously Edmonton, Arizona, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Washington, Tampa and Toronto could all be added to the list of target teams. I have said elsewhere, but I will add it here, the cup is not won on July 1st. Teams like New York and Toronto think it is because they get the headlines, but it is those patient moves, when the other teams are desperate to move players after they spent their wads on their shiny new toys, every other team has over priced them from a good contract (Panarin, Bobrovsky, Tavares). People continually say, I wish we signed this guy or that guy, when the contract is one of the highest for the position and nowhere near the best deal for the return How about those players who are already signed to bargain contracts with teams in desperate need of cap space?Who would you target of already signed players, with good contracts?